Oppo allows its R11 flagship cams do the talking

Oppo allows its R11 flagship cams do the talking

The flagship phone of Oppo launched in 2017, R11 doesn’t give a look of much excitement at first look, and it gets hard about telling it besides from the older iterations of the R series phones. It came with the slim design along with the curved corners, and the body is made up of the metal like the previous phones, similar to the famous R9. However, in the market where other phone makers are tending to find various ways of differentiating the products – getting the phone’s bezel less, playing with the weird screen ratios or including the tactile squeezes at the sides of the phones like the R11 seems to be static and stable.

One thing of R11 where the company is pointing its improvements its unwavering obsession is with the phone photography. So the result is that the need to bump up constantly the number of megapixel of the front camera particularly, which is better for all the users of selfie camera. The R11 takes this to the next level, using the massive 20 MP front cam which rivals even the back cams of other phones.

For its credit, the front camera of the R11 is the beast, capable of making sharp and clear selfies. The subjects of the cam are sharp, provided with quick auto-focus and high-quality picture when opened in different apps or phones such as Instagram.

However, the exposure, as well as the metering of the phone, can be little off few times, as the camera tries to get overexposed with the background. But the dual camera sensing action of the phone at the rear side of all the great phones, with excellent contrast, fine details, and clear colors. The phone provides the decent shooter for capturing video too and is capable of capturing 4K video which changes out amazingly in clear and smooth form.

For worse or for better, the phones manufactured by Oppo usually have a comparison with the Apple’s phones like having the same type of camera bumps at the back side which houses the rear dual camera. This phone apes the iPhone in more than providing the similar hardware.

This is a departure from standard Android conventions of the owning the quick settlements at the top of the notifications of the phone screen as you swipe down the notifications – which may throw the long term users of Android off the loop.

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