OPPO F7 is the OPPO product of the year

OPPO F7 is the OPPO product of the year

In April, OPPO presented its precious customers with the uniquely affordable OPPO F7. The new OPPO notched smartphone is considered the OPPO product of the year; first, the OPPO F7 is a notched product just like how many customers like it to be; and second, it’s a tough competitor to other affordable smartphones that may be within the same price category, yet aren’t as alluring as the 2018 OPPOF7 smartphone.

The overall incorporation of the notch in the new OPPO F7 suggests that the company has finally considered producing an affordable iPhone X sibling, the OPPO F7; and despite that the customers are quite taken away by the iPhone X notch, it’s obvious that the Apple product isn’t for everyone, yet the OPPO F7 surely is.

The OPPO F7 flaunts an aspect ratio of 19:9; a RAM of 4 gigabytes; and the newest MediaTek Helio P60 chipset – the brand new chipset enhances the F7 performance noticeably in comparison to its predecessor. Also, the OPPO F7 supports Al features that are adopted to improve the quality of the shots, the selfies and the video clips. The OPPOF7 has the second edition of the Al Beauty technology which allows some more natural beatification to merge in the photos than before. However, the OPPO F7 user has the option of using the Al beatification, the main beautification, or no beautification depending on his taste at the time.

Besides the Al features that positively enhance the quality of the shots, the OPPO F7 sports an incredibly high quality front camera that produces stunningly detailed and clearly beautiful shots. The smartphone’s 25MP front camera pays extra attention to every detail and the surroundings as well; and the result is capturing the right shot using the right camera. And as for the rear camera, it’s a 16MP one that’s fairly decent and similar to the one found in last year’s OPPO F5. Of course, the OPPO F7 front 25MP camera is officially the showstopper of the 2018 product.

OPPO F7 Video Review

On top, the OPPO F7 has the latest Android version 8.1; and also it flaunts a fingerprint scanner at the back of the device alongside the facial recognition technology that’s hugely trendy nowadays. And the battery is a 3400 mAh one that is long-lasting, and efficiently powered to support the entire of the Al features. Apparently, the OPPO F7 is here to steal the show with its various and fantastic featurts; from a chic design, a stunning camera and an empowered chipset, to the long-lasting battery performance, the OPPO F7 is surely the OPPO of the year.

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