OPPO R15 Can Be Your Right Smartphone

OPPO R15 Can Be Your Right Smartphone

Following the no-bezel and the notched smartphone trends, OPPO confidently presented the masses with the beautiful and good-looking smartphone, OPPO R15. However, by the initial look of it, it seems that OPPO R15 is a very much identical to the iPhone X. The chrome frame, the glassy back, and the top-positioned notch can confuse the customer whether he’s looking at the OPPO R15 or the iPhone X.

Yet, if you take a look closer and deeper into the OPPO R15, you’ll realize that there are many features that set the OPPO smartphone apart from any iPhone.

For example, the dual camera setup of the R15 is located side by side – and not in a vertical position. Also, the R15 has a stereo plug for wired headphones fans out there. In addition, the OPPO R15 has a MediaTek Helio P60 processor – which is not that powerful in comparison to its sibling OPPO R15 Pro that has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor – alongside a RAM of 6 gigabytes; and the R15 has a 4.2 Bluetooth without NFC.

Moreover, OPPO brought back the beloved oblong fingerprint sensor; and the facial recognition technology of the R15 smartphone continues to unlock the device in an incredibly decent amount of time. And the R15 can also brag about its battery endurance – 3450mAh – that lasts a decent bulk of long hours – despite that the R15 is an affordable smartphone. And not to forget about the bundle of Al features packed in the R15 camera setup that you can either choose from or the camera can choose for you once you press the Al button.

So, considering the mid-range price of the OPPO R15 smartphone and the variously different features it packs – a beautiful outer design, a bezel-less look, the camera setup alongside the Al features, the fingerprint sensor, the facial recognition technology and the list goes on – OPPO R15 can be the right moderately priced smartphone of the year.

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